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Dance Instructors

The heart of Starlight are it's people. People who are passionate about what they do. People who have fun at what they do. People who take special care of those around them. Excellent technique, skills, and teaching win them students and awards....Personality, friendliness, and a certain carefree attitude win them friends.


Beatrix Isaac

Beatrix remembers stepping off of a school bus one day and walking towards a building with a large window. As she peered through the pane, she saw a room full of people, as "old as her parents". They all seemed so happy, like they were having the time of their lives. A thought crossed her mind, "I'm going to do that when I grow up". She was 8 years old.
On August 9, 1977, she began her career in Columbia, SC; under the direction of Sal Marino and Fred Astaire Dance Studio. In 1980, Beatrix and her family relocated to Florida where she and husband, Jose, taught and managed Fred Astaire Studios in Vero Beach and Melbourne. Opportunity knocked in 1984 and they opened and operated their own franchise in Leesburg, until 1992, when they introduced Starlight Ballroom & Dance Center.
After having received numerous regional and national merit and dance awards, Starlight Ballroom & Dance Center remains one of the top Dancesport schools in the nation.


Jose Isaac

Jose began his professional dancing career at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in San Antonio, Texas in 1975. From 1976- 1979, Jose served in the US Army and was stationed in Germany training as a paramedic while being assigned to a Nuclear Battalion in a Medivac Unit. Upon his return to the US, he re-entered the dance industry where he met his wife and partner, Beatrix. In 1980 they transferred to Florida where they managed and operated studios for Fred Astaire Dance Studios.
In 1984, along with daughters, Michelle and Rachel; Jose and Beatrix relocated to Leesburg Florida where they successfully owned and operated a Fred Astaire Dance Franchise until 1992, when they introduced Starlight Ballroom & Dance Center. It was at that time that Jose decided to focus seriously on presenting his students to the competitive dance platform. Their merits speak for themselves.
"His talent lies not only in his ability to teach dance, but in his extraordinary personality." His success is a product of hardwork, motivation, support, and dedication for his students and peers.

Our Staff: Dance Company
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